Fun and Quirky Tips from Joeyt Wedding Photography for Groom Party in Houston TX

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Groom Party Enjoyable Wedding Photography Tips

If the bridal party prepares for their wedding photography with the bride, what do the groom party prepares for? Of course, the groom party also gets the chance to have pictures with the groom. Prior to the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom goes out in their desired location within their wedding venue to have a short wedding photo shoot with their bridal and groom party.

Here are fun tips from Joeyt wedding photography for groom party in Houston TX to make your pictorial with the groom more enjoyable and memorable.

1. Typically, the bride with her bridal party has pictures of them getting ready and helping the bride getting dressed. So for the groom and his groom party, he can also have pictures in his hotel room or home while getting dressed and preparing for the wedding.

2. When you arrived in the wedding chapel or ceremony venue, have some pictures again as these are the moments that the bride will not see anyway. Start with a simple formal standing outside the venue or inside the venue.

3. The groom party can have a little heart to heart talk with the groom and this is a great shot to be captured. The groom and his party could be playing, fighting or crying while having a serious conversation and waiting for the bride to arrive.

4. At the church or during the ceremony, the groom party usually has duties to perform. Everyone should just be acting normal when the wedding photographers Houston Texas gets reportage shots.

5. When everyone is already in the reception area, the groom and his party should have a dancing time too. A picture of the groomsmen dancing in the dance floor is certainly a great addition to the wedding album.

6. Still in the reception area and during the dance time, the groom party can plan of carrying the bride and groom together and let the couple share a kiss.

You can either follow these tips from Joeyt wedding photography for groom party in Houston TX, or you can add other quirky ideas to make your wedding day more memorable.

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