How Every Professional Wedding Photographers in San Diego, CA Must Outline a Contract

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Outlining Wedding Photography Contracts

A contract is necessary when couples are planning for their wedding. It serves as a proof for the service they want from the wedding vendors. The contract also states the services that the vendor must provide and offer for their client. At the same time, it provides a detailed information about the policies and terms covered for the services chosen by the client. Thus, outlining a contract is vital.

Wedding PhotographerIn San Diego wedding photography, a contract is a must. Even if the couple is a friend of yours or someone you are close with, do not wait that they demand for the contract first. As a professional wedding photographer it is also your responsibility to prepare the contract and explain it to them. There are dozens of wedding photographers in San Diego, CA and picking one is already a headache for many couples. Sometimes, the contract is overlooked and everything ends up unwritten.

A wedding photography contract must be thought carefully. Since it contains all the important information that the service covers, it is just necessary for the wedding photographers in San Diego CA to outline the contract sensibly. What does a wedding photography contract must include?

The simplest and also an important one is the basic information. Since you are a wedding photographer and your service is being hired, it is just right to provide your basic information in the contract. Provide your identification and contact information. The wedding photographer’s information in the contract must include the business name, business address, your complete name, relevant contact details like phone number and email address and your signature. You must prepare a separate field for the client to enter their name, address, phone number and signature too.

Working hours is also an important matter to be included in the contract. While it can be determined through the package chosen, the fixed time to start and end your service must be clear to both parties. It is a good customer service to make the time flexible, but it is rather convenient for your client to take advantage of you instead of making it convenient for you. Normally, an eight-hour coverage is enough to capture shots at the ceremony and reception venue. Yet, you might go beyond that without establishing a firm stop to number of hours you will provide your service.

Another important part of the contract is the price. The amount to reflect in the contract must be the overall cost of the service, including all the added-services and no other hidden charges. Whether you are charging for a flat rate or per hour, always be specific as possible with the amount of money to write in the contract. Whatever amount you have both discussed and agreed with verbally must reflect in the written contract. You wouldn’t not want your service with your client to end up with a heated argument if it’s a different amount in the contract compared to what you have talked about.

Your client would definitely want to have the rights to print their wedding photographs. Not all wedding photographers in San Diego, CA are actually eager to include that in their package because they can earn more if they do the printing. On the other hand, clearly state in the contract with the date on when you can deliver the finished product. It will affect your reputation big time if you are unable to meet your deadline.

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