Color Choices Perfect for Groom’s Wedding Suit

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Selecting Groom’s Suit Colors

Ideally, men should also be given the right to have an access to walk-in closets full of tailored suits. Imagine if this is in actual life, your man will have variety of suit style and color perfect for every season. Unfortunately, men in the world are not like this. Most of them have very limited access to suits, and no, they do not have huge walk-in wardrobe like most women have.

If your wedding is up in the corner, it does not mean that you should only focus on your fashion. Take time to help your groom in finding his right style and color as well. Please take note that not all men are fashionable enough, so if you want toAll About Wedding make him look really presentable on the big day, guide him. Here are the top color options when it comes to groom’s suits:

Charcoal grey:

According to fashion gurus, this suit color is a must have for men due to its super versatile factor. In fact, this suit is perfect for business functions and can be on used on social occasions like weddings and other events. Charcoal grey suits tend to be more expensive because of its deep and rich color and texture.

Black: In most business functions, black is an all time favorite. If your wedding is slated during summer season, it is time to put off this color. Black is perfect for other seasons, but not summer. Whether the wedding has a formal theme or not, black is classy will never be out of place. If you choose to wear black in warmer seasons, please make sure that you play along with light shirt and tie to neutralize the color. The color is also perfect to create classy wedding photography.

Brown: Among all the colors here, brown belongs to the most skipped color, but in real life it is super versatile. It can be paired with almost all shade of white and blue. If you are the type of person who can carry a brown color, you belong in the stylish minority group. It means that your level of fashion is above the normal groom.

Navy blue: If the wedding theme is fairly formal, wearing a navy blue suit is a good consideration. The best colors to pair if you choose navy blue are black (shoes) and tan brogues. Weekend weddings are perfect to wear navy jackets and jeans.  

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