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List of Ways to Find a Reliable Wedding Photographer

A wedding is unforgettable if the memories of the big day remain in the minds and hearts of those who took part in it. This is exactly the reason why you need to hire the services of a professional and reliable wedding photographer for your wedding.

Your wedding photos will freeze the amazing moments of your wedding day in either printed or digital form. There are many ways in finding the most seasoned wedding photographer in your area or even beyond. From local listings to yellow pages and to an online directory of American wedding photographers, here are great ways in having someone who’ll encapsulate your special moments.

Local Listings

One of the most traditional ways in looking for a wedding photographer, the local listings are also the easiest path towards the doorstep of an experienced shutterbug. Look for a list of photographers in bulletin boards, announcement boards, and local directories in your area. Oftentimes, you’ll find information about these photojournalists in business establishments.

Jed Wards Photographer


Another easy way to look for wedding photography services is through the ads. In your local newspapers, check the classified ads section and browse through the list of photojournalists that are likely to provide you their services on your wedding day. Moreover, visit other establishments and check for advertisements of local photographers.

Online Directories

Today, more and more online directories are offering services for weddings. One good thing about an online directory of American wedding photographers is that you get the complete information of a wedding photographer all at once. Moreover, these wedding photography directories provide a search area where you’ll be provided an instant list of photojournalists in your area by simply clicking your area’s map or by keying in your zip code.


Not only online directories are mushrooming these days. When you search the internet, you’ll see that almost all wedding photographers are having their own websites now. On the photojournalist’s website, you’ll see the photographer’s information, address, contact number, and their portfolio. Aside from knowing the photographer’s basic information, don’t forget his or her portfolio. This is because the portfolio will tell if the photographer’s style matches yours.

Personal Recommendations

Word of mouth referral is the most reliable way to finding a photographer. Ask anyone you trust if they know a photojournalist and what their honest opinion about the photographer. Someone who has recently got married is a perfect candidate to ask in order to have a professional photographer on your wedding day. But you should remember that wedding photography comes in many forms. The stunning images of your cousin’s wedding may not be the style that you want for your own wedding.

Your wedding photos and videos are important reminders of your wedding day. These are the things that can remind you of the joys and happiness that you’d felt on your wedding day when you’re having rough time with your partner. So if you want your wedding images to encapsulate the happiest moments of your wedding, don’t hesitate to invest on your wedding photography.

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